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Where the process meets the personal.

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Where the process meets the person.

Figaro Services is a multi-disciplinary enterprise created to answer the question: how do I make the most of my work, my team, and my opportunities.




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Project Management

Agile, GTD, Kaban: Know where you are and why you're there with best practices and tools culled from years of experience with some of the world's most profitable businesses.  If your new project or initiative is moving faster than your attention allows, I can help bring your aspirations to focus, on-time and on-budget.

Filemaker Development

Discover how the FileMaker platform can help you prototype, iterate, and implement your unique software solution faster than your expectations.  Laptop, mobile, and web, Figaro Services can develop to your strengths to move you beyond your limitations.


Collaborative thinking found from outside the four walls of your building. By exploring historical and current trends both insider and outside of your vertical, I will help you step outside of your current conditions to better evaluate all of your options.


The whole of man lies in activity.
— Leonardo di Bruni, 1433


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